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Freebie time! Anyone booking a daytime team building activity will get 10% off an evening event or themed party. You get a professionally planned, managed and run event without blasting the budget.

Arranging an entire day of team building activities followed by a great evening event or themed party is enough to send the stress levels off the charts, even if you are blessed with amazing organisation skills. Some jobs simply require multiple hands on deck.

What's included?

Everything from casino nights to murder mystery evenings and 1920s themed parties. There are loads of evening events and daytime team building activities to choose from. If you're up for trying something completely different, try Totally Wiped Out. TV tie-in activities like Bake Off and Enter the Dragon's Lair are also ideal for autumn and winter.

Obviously at this time of year, most people are thinking about Christmas parties. Winter Wonderland is the classic choice. If the traditional, twinkly theme isn't your bag there are plenty of alternatives that still make a massive impression. Try a circus themed event for starters.

What about the expense?

Ok, so it would be crazy to say there isn't a cost involved but did you know that venue finding is free of charge? You'll get room rates that aren't advertised on conference search sites AND 10% off the event management fee. The whole idea of using event managers to plan and run an evening event or themed party is to save time and money. That's achieved through knowledge, expertise and partnerships with venues and suppliers. It's like shopping around to get the best deal without making the effort.

Call the corporate events team on 01773 766050 or email for more information on daytime team building activities, evening events and themed parties. View this special offer here.

Written by Yazmina Wallace

08th Tuesday October 2013