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10 Ways To Motivate a Team

Not feeling the required level of enthusiasm from the troops? Below are 10 ways to motivate a team. Although they're in there, it's not just about team building activities.

Communicate with them

One of the best ways to motivate a team doesn't cost a penny. Openly communicating with employees works wonders when it comes to developing and maintaining commitment and drive. Wherever possible, involve team members in decision-making processes.

Temper criticism with praise

Constructive criticism is all part and parcel of working life. However, make sure you don't forget the ‘constructive' bit!

Be enthusiastic

Lead by example. A lacklustre boss has a huge effect on a workforce. Standards will drop and sloppy habits develop if your enthusiasm levels are low.

Train the troops

Regular training isn't just a good way to motivate a team and make them feel valued. It's a must if you want to ensure your employees can keep pace with the competition. With technological advancements coming thicker and faster than ever, it's vital to maintain a well-trained workforce.


Giving employees a platform to speak and be heard is incredibly important. If you don't listen, they'll stop offering suggestions and ideas and become demoralised. Some ideas may not be usable but you could end up with one or two gems that would otherwise have gone undetected.

Reward for a job well done

Motivate a team by rewarding them when they deserve it. Even a simple “thank-you” goes a long way. If they've really gone to town, go the extra mile yourself by organising something fun. A driving day or wine tasting for instance. Make it a memorable shared experience.

Try team building activities

Many managers see team building activities as time wasted out of the office. Not so. Chosen wisely, they can motivate a team, improve performance and develop skills relevant to the workplace.

Set clear aims and objectives

Ensure team members have a clearly defined and realistic set of aims and objectives. Goal setting – with timescales and tasks to complete within a certain time frame – helps keep people focused.

Encourage competition

Introduce a (friendly) competitive element to certain projects. Keep it fairly light; the aim is to get the job done, not create animosity and a culture of back-stabbing. Split the office into two or more teams and offer an incentive for the best result.

Avoid micro managing employees

If you want to motivate a team, avoid micro management. Encourage employees to take ownership of certain tasks or projects. There are few things more frustrating than a boss looking over your shoulder. Surrender a little control, delegate and allow employees to assume responsibility. If you're responsible for something, you'll work to ensure its success.

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Written by Catherine Alexander

03rd Wednesday July 2013