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21st Century Corporate Events

Paintballing and clay shooting are classics but what if you want something different for a corporate event? Something that gets guests counting down the hours until your team building day or conference instead of rolling their eyes at the prospect of another predictable event.

The whole point of team building is to motivate, challenge, educate and entertain. That's why offering new event ideas, fresh activities and 21st century twists on old favourites is so important.

Instead of karting, try driving Rage buggies or Powerturn dragsters. Replace the annual team lunch at the local Italian with a chocolate making challenge. Chocolate Chip Challenge gets teams to make and market a unique chocolate creation good enough to wow a panel of discerning chocoholics.

Who wants to do the same stuff over and over again? If you've already experienced the traditional team building activities and conference ice-breakers, maybe it's time to try something different.

21st century team building ideas

There are plenty of interesting and exciting event options out there. Take the troops out on the open waters for a sailing day or crank up the competitive spirit with dragon boat racing. You've also got TV-based team building activities likeKrypton Factory, Dragon's Lair and The Apprenticeship Challenge.

Competitive activities don't spell back-stabbing and sniping on the field. This is supposed to be fun, remember? Take It's a Knockout for example. Yes, you're going head-to-head to win team games and challenges, but the slapstick element injects a little light-hearted fun into the event.

Bespoke corporate events

Bespoke corporate events are big news right now. No two companies are the same and no-one wants a formulaic, inflexible event. Each event is tailored to suit the client. Gone are the days when packages were rigid. Why pay for stuff you don't want or won't use just because it's “part of the package”?

Corporate events are led by what the client wants and what inspires us in the office.

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Written by Catherine Alexander

13th Tuesday August 2013