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4x4 Off Road Driving

The cold and drizzly weather can be the ultimate climate for some of our outdoor experiences. With our outdoor driving experiences, the muddier the better! Personally, off road driving is one of my favourite events. A 4x4 team building event can really benefit the people taking part and they will be completely oblivious to it.

The wet weather will really test your control skills when doing our 4x4 off road driving. To be able to complete the course, you'll have to take instructions and communicate clearly with the instructor in order to navigate around the drenched track. When you approach difficulties such as slippery hills and waterlogged trenches, you'll have to use your problem solving skills to determine the best way to overcome the obstacles.

The skills that you can gain whilst doing our driving events are not only important when doing the activity but are also valuable skills to take back to the work place. 4x4 driving helps people work as a team and understand what can be achieved when working with others.

Off Limits owns 2 outdoor events centres, one located in Grantham and one located in Nottingham. At both of these driving sites you can do 4x4 off road driving, quad biking and many more driving events. We can also organise any driving event in the location you desire.

Take on the cold and wet weather, get outdoors and have fun with either our 4x4 off road course or other driving events. Get in touch with us on 01773 766050 or visit our website!

Written by Catherine Alexander

07th Monday October 2013