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Bespoke Treasure Hunts

Our Event Co-Ordinator Chantelle, has recently been given a treasure hunt challenge of her own, and of course, she pulled it out the bag. When we say we offer bespoke packages, I bet some of you are thinking, “How bespoke actually are your events?” Well, now it's time for you to discover how bespoke our events actually are.

When a client wants a bespoke treasure hunt, one of the first things we want to know is, what they want to achieve out of the day. The client the treasure hunt was being designed for is a transport company. The company provide luxury transport for business people in London, so as we were trying to get in our clients head and understand what they wanted from the treasure hunt, our client was trying to do exactly the same thing to their clients. The transport company wanted to experience a day of one of their potential clients and doing a treasure hunt we felt is a perfect way to do this.

Although some of the people within the company do use public transport to travel to work, some of them don't. For the first time ever, we have provided the team with a travel budget. This was so they can understand the cost involved of travelling to different parts of London, as their client would if they weren't using their travel service to attend many meetings in one day. Each team was provided with a £150 budget, so one of the challenges they faced was making this money stretch as far as possible. In doing this they had to work out the quickest and cheapest route and best value for money travel deals.

Don't worry; we didn't make their day a living hell. Treasure hunts are fun! When travelling to different parts of London, we gave them challenges and provided them with clues for the treasure hunt. This treasure hunt included question and picture challenges. My favourite picture task was “Have a photo taken of ALL your team touching the top of the Gerkin.”

Throughout the day the teams also had to answer questions from a company quiz. This was a great way for their new employees to learn about the company from employees that have worked there for a long time.

As the treasure hunt was a social event, we let them loose on social media too. Each team was set up with its own twitter account so they could communicate with each other. To increase the competition between the teams, a live leader board was set up so each team knew how well the other teams were doing.

Everything that our client needed for the event was labelled with the company's logos and branding. Our client had some idea of what they wanted with specific requirements and Chantelle knew exactly which direction to take the event in. Your event ideas made a success!

We also offer traditional treasure hunts and Italian job treasure hunts.

It's important to us that you get the most out of your corporate event! If you need help planning a bespoke corporate event with a purpose, call us on 01773 766050 or email us.

Written by Catherine Alexander

15th Thursday August 2013