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Ice Breaker Team Building Events

These team building activities will ensure there are no more awkward silences or stilted conversations. If you need fun ice breaker activities, you've come to the right place!

It's a Knockout

It's a Knockout is a team building event that will really bring people together. At some point in the day, everyone is going to look silly! Whether it's wrestling in a penguin suit or attempting to climb an inflatable mountain coved in water and foam, this team building day is guaranteed to take people out of their comfort zones. As everyone will have to work in teams throughout the day to win the tournament, this event will encourage communication and works really well as an ice breaker event!

Gumboot Dancing

Gumboot dancing originated in South Africa and is normally performed wearing wellington boots. In Africa, wellies are more commonly known as gumboots, hence the name of this ice breaker team building activity. When everyone starts doing this dance, all self-consciousness and inhibitions will go out the window. This high energy dance is a great motivator and is brilliant for team bonding and collaboration. Don't forget your wellies!

Corporate Band Building

Build a band with this musical team building event. This activity requires teams to work together to create a musical masterpiece. Doing this activity with people you've never met before or don't know very well is great for communication, interaction! This event will have the team working together in perfect harmony.

If you think any of these team building events are the perfect ice breakers for you, call our team on 01773 766050 or for more ice breaker events, visit our website.

Written by Catherine Alexander

27th Friday September 2013