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Inspirational Indoor Events

Don't fancy taking your chances with the great British weather? Indoor events an be every bit as entertaining as their outdoor counterparts. Far be it from me to wish away the summer but hey, it's mid-August already! Any team building plans you're making now will probably come to fruition in the autumn.

There's a lot of misconception about indoor team building. Contrary to what many managers think, it's not all about sitting in a circle and sharing your deepest, darkest secrets.

These days, there's more to indoor team building than Myers Briggs, although that can be pretty fascinating stuff.

The three activities below will get bums off seats and brains ticking. They're also good at sharpening communication, collaboration and time management skills.


If it works for the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team it can only be a good thing. The team's signature dance is the ancestral Maori tribal war cry or challenge. It's a show of strength and unity, hence the team building association. Learn the moves and design your own tribal markings in one session.

Here are the All Blacks in action.

Pop Music Promo

Music-based team building activities have universal appeal and Pop Music Promo is far more fun and challenging than simply playing a short performance piece.

The goal is to recreate one of the most famous pop videos of all time. I'm talking lip synching, costumes, choreography, filming – the full works. There's a tight deadline to beat and a golden disc up for grabs.

Picasso Picture Show

Up for an arty challenge? The Picasso Picture Show is one of the most popular indoor team building activities. The goal is to recreate one of the master's classics.

The whole team can only view the painting once. After that, one nominated communicator can go back for a couple of repeat viewings. It's up to him or her to tell the rest of you what to paint and where.

No two paintings are ever the same!

Written by Yazmina Wallace

20th Tuesday August 2013