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Its a Knockout Team Building Event

Did you know that we own BBC It's a Knockout along with the entire original it's a Knockout costumes?

It's a Knockout is a whatever the weather kind of event. Whether it's raining or not, you are going to get wet on the day. Everyone will get to take part in 6 games and these games will be a combination of inflatable, water and costume events. All of the events are absolutely amazing and so much fun. I promise you that it's a Knockout will be one of the most eventful team building days you will ever have!

My top 2 inflatable games

Slippery Summit

The slippery summit is a big inflatable mountain with 3 ropes. Each member of the team has to pull themselves to the top of the slope using a rope and then slide down the other side. Sound easy? Not when it's covered in water and soap. If you think that you don't have any upper body strength, this game is where you will discover it! Team motivation is key here.

Medieval Madness

This is a fantastic game that everyone can get involved in. Your team members will each have to stand in a straight line on pedestals. One member of the team will stand at the beginning of the line where there is a bucket filled with cold water and sponges. They then throw the sponges to the first person who then continues to throw them down the line of people. The last person in the line will then throw the sponge over the castle wall where a team member will squeeze the remaining water into a bucket. The team with the most water at the end of the game wins. Simple! Team work is the winner here.

A little tip for you, if you don't want to get wet, don't stand on the first pedestal.

My top 2 Costume Games

Fe – Fi – Fo – Fall

One member of your team will get inside the 10ft giant costume along with giant trousers and around size 40 shoes! They then must attempt to make their way across the crazy carpets. It may sound simple but the opposing team will be rowing the carpets as fast as they can to knock you to the ground. The first team to get to the end of the carpets will win, however, they must be fully dressed and standing. Team communication is essential here.

Penguin Pursuit

In the Penguin Pursuit, a group of people dress as penguins in an aim to take on the other penguins and be the last one standing. All the penguins will run around the course in an attempt to catch the penguin in front, to eliminate them from the game. The last 2 penguins left in the ring will go head to head in a sumo wrestle. Team moral is certainly needed here.

So, what are the benefits of an It's a Knockout team building day?

If some people in the team are sometimes a little resistant to get involved, our compares will ensure that every member gets involved and has a great time. This will help the teams build stronger relationships and improve communication, as they will have to work together throughout the event. It's a Knockout will also take team members out of their comfort zones helping them to recognise skills that they didn't realise they had. It will also help build confidence within team members allowing them to see that they can do the unordinary and encourage them to set their goals higher.

It's a Knockout is available nationwide! If you're interested in an It's a Knockout team building day, call us on 01773 766050, email us or visit our website for more information.

Written by Catherine Alexander

23rd Friday August 2013