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Most Popular Team Building Activities For 2013

Our top five most popular team building activities for 2013 all involve competition, communication and good old fashioned team work. Along with buckets of elbow grease!

As you can see from the list below, the trend for all things retro has made its way into the world of team building activities. Three of this year's most popular events are based on classic TV shows from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.


This is the original BBC version, featuring the authentic games, costumes and inflatables used in the cult TV show. Once described as “the Olympics with custard pies”, It's a Knockout was a worldwide TV sensation. Think pun-tastic team names, wacky relay races, penguin costumes, giant inflatables smothered in foam, and gallons of water.

Team building activities don't get much madder than It's a Knockout. There's a bottle of bubbly up for grabs, but that's nothing compared to the honour of being crowned Knockout champions.


Another one for fans of retro team building activities, Crystal A'maze'd is based on Richard O'Brien's quirky game show The Crystal Maze. The show was a smash hit for Channel 4 in the 1990s.

Our version runs along similar lines. The aim of the game is for each team to complete a series of mental and physical challenges in order to win crystals. The team with the most crystals at the end gets the most time in the crystal dome. Once in the dome, it's a race against time to collect as many golden tickets as possible.


Everyone's heard of BBC business reality show Dragon's Den. Teams are tasked with creating innovative but useful inventions and pitching them to our panel of dragons. The aim is get these hardheads to part with £100,000 so products and pitches have to be good.


The SMS treasure hunt makes it onto our list of most popular team building activities every year. The 21st century version of the classic hunt uses smartphones and can be personalised to incorporate company branding or a certain theme.

Real time features such as instant point scoring, a live leader board and timed team challenges make the SMS treasure hunt a real nail-biter!


Remember the ITV show from the 80s hosted by Gordon Burns? Well, this is the corporate team building version. There's a good reason it references Superman's only weakness! The challenges are no walk in the park. Expect to face everything from logic puzzles on a 3D screen to film-based observation questions and a quickfire general knowledge round.

Fans of the TV show will remember the obstacle course. We've included our own version of the course, complete with cargo net, tyre step, balance beam and scramble net.

Visit the indoor and outdoor team building activities pages on Actiondays for a full list of events, games and challenges to conquer this summer.

Written by Catherine Alexander

02nd Tuesday July 2013