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Off Limits Events Centre Spruce Lodge

Off Limits are extremely proud to announce our new partnership with De Vere Belton Woods hotel and leisure resort. We have been so excited about it and finally, it's time that we can let our excitement out and tell the world!

We have opened an events centre where people will are able to come along for the day to do activities such as 4x4 off road driving and crazy golf. After a lot of debating, we finally decided to call it, Spruce Lodge. At the heart of the events centre, we have an amazing lodge and it looks fantastic, especially compared to the pictures I saw when we first got it.

Belton Woods hotel is located in Lincolnshire, just on the outskirts of Grantham. Our events centre is located within the grounds of Belton Woods. So, if you live in the area or are around the area, make sure you take a trip to Spruce Lodge!

I had my first day at Spruce Lodge last week and automatically fell in love with our events centre and lodge. It's in the perfect location for a fun packed day out. With so many different activities available, there are events perfect for families, couples and friends. Not only is it the perfect day trip, it is also an incredible venue for team building days and corporate events.

At Spruce Lodge you can Ride it, Drive it, Shoot it, Find it and Play it! The activities we have available are archery, air pistols, mountain biking, quad biking, segways, 4x4 driving, crazy golf and treasure hunts. Keep your eyes peeled as we've got more exciting activities to come!

Whilst there, it was only right that I tested some activities. I have done quad biking, segways and shooting before so I really wanted to try the 4x4 course. Before we started I was so nervous but as I had a great instructor in the 4x4 with me, he really eased my nerves and I absolutely loved it. It's a fantastic course and I would definitely recommend it.

Don't forget that we also have an activity centre in Nottinghamshire. The Nottingham activity centre has many driving and shooting activities available.

So, if you fancy heading down to Spruce Lodge for the day to do some activities, have a look at our price list here, or call us on 01773 766051.

Written by Catherine Alexander

09th Monday September 2013