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Segway Team Building Events

A twist on the usual motorised activities, Segway team building events require skill, team work, lateral thinking, perseverance and a sense of humour. It's driving, but not as you know it!


Segways are probably best described as chariots for the 21st century. Roman chariots sped along using horse power. These smart machines are powered by batteries, and use cutting-edge balancing and sensory technology. All three combine to give a unique, driving experience that relies on the body as much as the brain.

The Segway is an extension of you, like another limb!

Segways can hit 13mph, which may sound tame but is anything but when you're leaning forward to race or tackling an obstacle course. These wheeled wonders can tackle all sorts of terrain, including grassy hills.

This clip is just a taster of what Segways can do.


Segway events are great for team building. It's not simply a case of jumping on board and whizzing round for a bit, although there will be a practice session to get everyone up to speed. Team members will need top notch communication, collaboration and problem solving skills.

Races, slalom and obstacle courses up the ante and introduce a competitive element. The whole group will be split into teams, with each battling it to win the title of Segway champions.

The aim isn't just to be fastest to the finish line or round the course. We've added markers and obstacles to make things more interesting. Penalty points will be incurred for sloppy driving, so you'll need to stay sharp!

Segway team building events are particularly good for:

  • · Managing resistance to change
  • · Boosting confidence
  • · Uniting departments
  • · Inspiring team spirit
  • · Encouraging competition

Email or visit Nottingham Driving for more information on Segway team building events.

Written by Catherine Alexander

16th Tuesday July 2013