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Team Building Events That Will Boost Creativity

Creativity in a business is important as it brings out new ideas and opportunities into the company. It allows members of your team to think of new activities and ideas that will set you apart from your competitors in order to move your business forward. The amazing thing about creativity is that everyone is creative in a different way. So here are some of our activities that will bring the creative side out of your team.

Cupcake Crusade

Our cupcake crusade event will definitely have everyone's imagination running wild whilst they're creating their own cupcake range. Here's the catch, they must make as many flavours, designs etc. as possible using limited resources.

Commercial Creation

Each team will have to work together to create and film a TV advert. Sounds easy? They will have to be especially creative as they will have to do it within a strict time limit, stick to a tight budget and only use props and equipment provided by us.

The Picasso Picture Show

Each member of a team will have to go off and recreate a section of the Picasso masterpiece. It may sound simple but after seeing the Picasso montage once, everyone will have to use their memory, communication and creative skills to complete their section.

Boogie Dayz

This team building event will have everyone working together in perfect harmony whilst creating dance and musical masterpieces. They will have to use their imagination whilst completing tasks such as Rap Attack. You never know, you might have some secret superstars in the company!

If you're interested in any of our creative team building ideas, get in touch with us on 01773 766051 or email us.

Written by Yazmina Wallace

05th Tuesday November 2013