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Tv Inspired Activities Totally Wiped Out

It's a Knockout ruled teatime telly in the 1980s. Time might have marched on but we still love laughing at a slapstick family gameshow. Enter Total Wipeout, the show that put some oomph back into Saturday teatime TV. Combine the two in one big mash-up and you've got the ultimate team building event.

Totally Wiped Out couldn't be more different from your bog standard corporate event. It's a competitive team tournament involving all the best elements of both TV titans. Think super sized inflatables, sumo suits, mad relay races, huge bumblebee costumes and giant red balls. It's a great day out and about as far as you can get from team building fallbacks like paintball and bowling.

To get the best out of this corporate event, you've got to get into the gameshow spirit. A witty MC and up-for-it instructors sort that side of things and get everyone gee'd up to win.

Expect to fall on your bum, look daft and laugh until your face aches.

It's not every day you get the golden opportunity to see the boss bounce around in a sumo suit, or witness Steve from accounts run the gauntlet in a giant bumblebee costume. You could be jumping between podiums one minute and dodging a spinning rodeo arm the next.

There's even a spin on the giant red balls from Total Wipeout. Red Ball Relay sees teams race against time to get all their red balls into a giant egg cup and through a huge inflatable maze.

Totally Wiped Out might be comedy gold but like any team building activity worth its salt, there's a serious side. Yes, the goal is to have a laugh and bond with your fellow teammates but there are plenty of other benefits. This is your quintessential “learn without realising it” activity.

Each game is a real race against the clock, so there's your time management skills. No event can be won by only one team member, which illustrates why individual team member skills are important. You see what I'm driving at?

The goal is to score as many points as possible. Points mean prizes. In this case, the prize is a bottle of bubbly and the glory of being declared Totally Wiped Out winners.

Come on! How often do you get the chance to do something completely different on an away day? Round up the team and get stuck in.

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Written by Catherine Alexander

10th Tuesday September 2013