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Tv Tie In Activities Jungle Experience

Based on ITV's smash hit show I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, Jungle Experience is wilder than your average team building activity. If you reckon you could handle a bush tucker trial, step up to the plate and prove it!

Split into teams and enter the jungle camp, where you'll face team building challenges like bug platters and boxes with squishy surprises lurking within.

Like I'm a Celebrity, Jungle Experience is all about earning your tucker. Conquer our challenges, earn your grub and score points. The team with the most points at the end of the event are crowned kings and queens of the jungle camp.

Here are just some of the team building activities and challenges you can expect to face during Jungle Experience.

Stepping Stones

Join forces with your team mates to make it from A to B by jumping onto stepping stones. Sounds easy, but they're strategically placed and you'll need help to get from one to the other.

Bug Platter

Once you've conquered the stepping stones it's time to face the bug platter. Scoff as many jelly bugs as humanly possible before time's up.

What's in the Box?

You've seen the likes of Jordan and Charlie Brooks tentatively tackle blind box challenges, now it's your turn to have a bash. Face your fears, stick your hand in and grab one star out of each goo-filled box.

Wall of Doom

Your mission is to collect as many stars as you can from the holes in the Wall of Doom. Here's the catch: the holes don't just contain stars! Face the unknown and take one for the team.

The Dark Side

This is a brilliant team building activity for building trust. Pop on a blindfold and put your trust in your team mates as they direct you through a labyrinth of creepy crawlies.

For more information on Jungle Experience and other team building activities, email or call 01773 766050.

Written by Yazmina Wallace

27th Wednesday November 2013