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Winter Team Building Ideas Wine Tasting

When it comes to winter team building, nothing goes down quite as well as wine tasting. There's a good reason this activity is always on the list of the most popular corporate events. In fact, there are several. Not just a jolly, wine tasting has lot more going for it than the obvious!

If you are stuck for winter team building ideas, wine tasting is a no-brainer. In short, you'll get to taste a selection of wines from boutique vineyards in locations like Spain and Portugal.

What to Expect

Never tried wine tasting before? Some people are put off as they think it's too pretentious. That's a shame as the world of wine is actually very accessible. Anyone can try this team building activity.

On arrival, the whole group will relax and get into the right frame of mind over a glass of champagne.

After the fizz has been quaffed, a wine consultant will teach you all about aromas and selecting wines to go with different dinner courses. You'll be throwing terms like balance and nose around in no time!

No wine tasting session would be complete without a competitive challenge. Split into teams for a blind taste test. Which group can match wines to their correct tasting notes? There are prizes up for grabs.

What's Included?

Everything is supplied, including wine tasting equipment. Just bring an open mind.


Wine tasting is a year-round team building activity. However, most companies tend to enjoy it as an afternoon or evening event during autumn and winter.

Team Building Benefits

Is wine tasting the right winter team building activity for you? Yes, if you want to:

  • Manage resistance to change
  • Reward or motivate a team
  • Broaden horizons
  • Bond a new team
  • Highlight the benefits of acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Highlight any issues within a small team
  • Drink some high quality vino!

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Written by Yazmina Wallace

28th Monday October 2013