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incentive programmes
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Off Limits Incentive Programmes

The aim of an incentive programme is to improve the performance of your business, whether it is to incentivise your employees, customer's or supply chain.

The maximum performance boost emerges when the incentive is matched exactly to the individual's interests. We've found that a little extra thought, allied to a willingness to be creative can make a quantum difference to the effectiveness of an incentive programme. Off Limits Event Professionals provide customers with on-line incentive programmes to suit their organisation and offering the chance for them to develop, with our expert knowledge, a completely bespoke programme.

We delivery incentives for:

  • Channel Incentives
  • Employee Motivational Programmes
  • Sales Improvement Incentives
  • Call Centre Programmes
  • Automotive Industry Incentives

For information about incentive schemes, activities and events in Barcelona please visit Barcelona Activities.

Our main product:

Dreamworld is very flexible; it's an exciting, limitless programme of incentives and rewards that injects and maintains motivation and enthusiasm in every participant. It's a completely bespoke solution.

Example programmes:

BNP Paribas Lease Group

We developed a fixed prize incentive that ran for a quarter for 650 of their resellers. Using Dreamworld, we developed the programme to incorporate a mix of fixed prizes and points.

"It is a fact that an aggregate of all business written by dealers who participated in the promotion was 13% higher than that generated by those who were excluded during the period in question. The cost of the promotion would have been self-funded by profit from the additional business generated" Sales & Marketing Manager of BNP.

The Hanley Economic

Currently running an employee Reward and Recognition programme. Points are awarded on a monthly basis to nominated members of staff for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Lookers Car Group

On-going programme to incentivise Service Advisors within a number of dealerships to 'up sell' Aftersales products including extended warranties. Each Advisor is set a product target and they achieve points for selling products and bonus points for hitting their target. They have the option to redeem their points as they earn or accumulate points to achieve a higher value bespoke reward. Monthly 'push' campaigns are also run in parallel with the main incentive to over-exceed targets.

Please call us on 01773 766 050 or Contact Us for more information.

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