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As far as corporate events go, evening events are the ones that are most looked forward to. The employees don't have their targets and emails on their minds, and are completely engaged with the activities going on around them.

While corporate evenings do enjoy a unique advantage, it puts a certain pressure on the organisers to make the event a success. Whether it's a full-blown corporate gala evening or a simple team building event held at night, the expectations, when it comes to corporate evening events, are always quite high.

As true with any other kind of event, it is the participation and enthusiasm of the employees and delegates that decide the face of an evening event. Sure, everyone loves some chicken dinner and the DJ will, by default, play some tracks that the crowd will love. However, all these activities are routine when it comes to evening entertainment, and don't really do much to excite the people involved.

If your concerns are similar and you wish to take your corporate evenings to a whole new level, Action Days is the answer. With a host of unique and engaging activities on the menu, we guarantee that a corporate evening with us will have your delegates craving for more.

From after or pre-dinner speakers to awe-inspiring dance performance, at Action Days, innovation and creativity is our forte. Looking to add a little competition to the environment? How about a casino evening? Or even better, a game of Cludo'd? Cheese tasting, In It To Win It, Fire Entertainers, the list goes on.

Thinking more on the lines of a themed party? From retro themed parties to Hollywood award nights, and everything in between, whatever your requirements may be, Action Days will never fail to deliver.

Give your evening event the kind of expertise it deserves. With over 25 years of experience in organising and delivering corporate events, we guarantee you the best. Get in touch with us and tell us about your requirements, we'll take care of the rest.

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Why evening events can be a great team building idea:

Relaxed Environment: Evening events often take place outside of the typical office setting, which can help team members relax and be themselves. This informal atmosphere can encourage more open communication and bonding.

Social Interaction: Evening events provide team members with the opportunity to socialise and get to know each other on a personal level. Building strong interpersonal relationships can improve teamwork and collaboration in the workplace.

Stress Relief: After a day of work, team members may appreciate the chance to unwind and de-stress at an evening event. It can serve as a break from the daily grind and help reduce workplace tension.

Shared Experiences: Participating in activities or events together in the evening can create shared memories and experiences that team members can reference and bond over in the future.

Team Bonding: Evening events often involve team building activities or games that encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and trust among team members. These activities can translate into improved teamwork back in the workplace.

Improved Morale: Team building events can boost team morale by providing a break from routine work and giving team members something to look forward to. Higher morale can lead to increased motivation and productivity.

Inclusivity: Evening events can accommodate team members with different schedules or commitments, making it easier for everyone to participate and feel included.

Personal Growth: Some team building activities or workshops at evening events can help team members develop new skills, enhance their self-awareness, and grow both personally and professionally.

Networking Opportunities: Evening events may involve interactions with colleagues from different departments or teams within the organisation, creating networking opportunities that can be beneficial for career growth.

Celebrations and Recognition: Evening events can be used to celebrate achievements, milestones, or special occasions within the team or organisation, reinforcing a positive and supportive work culture.

While evening events can be an effective team building strategy, it's important to consider the preferences and needs of your team members. Not everyone may be available or comfortable with evening activities, so it's essential to offer a variety of team building options and be mindful of individual preferences and constraints. We have a variety of team building options to ensure we cover all your company and employee's needs.

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