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Fun Team Building Exercises

Team building days don't have to be dull, dry events. Forget sitting in a room staring at four walls. We've got a vast range of fun, inspiring team activities and events that suit a whole range of needs. Motivate and educate your workforce in one go!

Size doesn't matter. Our corporate events programs can accommodate 6 or 4000 people in the UK or abroad.

Below you'll find some of our most popular team building activities, games, challenges and events. Click on the icons for more information.

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How do team building activities work?

Our team building activities and challenges get colleagues to join forces to achieve a common goal in a fun, fresh environment. Delegates appreciate their colleague's contributions and return to base with better working relationships.

There are plenty of options to consider.

Interactive team building days can consist of a variety of events. For a varied program, try events such as It's a Knockout, Country Sports events, Team Challenge days , Driving days and Multi Activity Team days.

Let us know what you want your team members to achieve through team building exercises. We will listen, make relevant suggestions and provide you with a detailed proposal for each event.

We believe that bespoke team building activities achieve better results.

No two clients supply the same brief. All of our team building events are quoted on an individual basis. We take the personalised approach to planning and delivering full and half day programs of activities.

Team Building Activities for Corporate Events

Our training consultants and facilitators work with you on the day to achieve aims and objectives. There is no set format. They can provide assistance from start to finish or be there at the beginning and end. You can also request an external training consultant to attend and make observations that can be implemented back at the office after the event.

The team building list is endless and only shows a small proportion of the team building events and activities we can provide.

Custom built team building exercises - as a company we pride ourselves on being flexible and can take into account budget restraints and small numbers of participants when preparing our initial suggested team event proposals.

Team building is a dynamic process that offers unity and synergy among individuals within a group, leading to the formation of a cohesive and high-performing team. Through a multitude of activities and initiatives, team building cultivates trust, communication, cooperation, and camaraderie, ultimately maximizing collective potential and achieving common goals. By encouraging open dialogue and active listening, team building enhances interpersonal relationships, fortifying bonds and breaking down barriers. Participants learn to value diverse perspectives, harnessing the power of varied skills and experiences to tackle challenges creatively and comprehensively.

Through shared experiences, both in and out of the workplace, team building creates lasting memories and shared values, solidifying a sense of belonging and commitment to the team's purpose. This sense of belonging enhances a positive work culture, boosting employee morale and job satisfaction. Team building also offers a healthy sense of competition, motivating team members to surpass their own limits while supporting others in their growth journey. It instils a sense of accountability, where each member feels responsible for their role and the team's collective success. Empathy and emotional intelligence are nurtured during team building activities, facilitating better conflict resolution and understanding of team dynamics. Participants become more adaptable, enhancing their ability to collaborate and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

As a result of team building, teams become more efficient, productive, and innovative, with improved problem-solving capabilities and heightened resilience. The team's overall performance surges, leading to higher achievement of organizational objectives and ultimately creating a harmonious and fulfilling work environment.

Team Building - Questions and Answers 

Question: What is a team building away day?

Answer: A team building away day is an organized event where members of a team step out of their usual work environment to participate in various activities. The main goal is to strengthen team bonds, enhance communication, and foster a better understanding amongst team members, ultimately leading to improved collaboration and productivity.

Question: Why is it important to have team building away days?

Answer: Such days are essential because they:

Break the monotony of the regular work routine.

Allow team members to connect on a personal level.

Help uncover and address underlying team issues.

Provide an environment for open communication.

Promote the development of new skills.

Enhance team morale and motivation.

Question: What types of activities can be included in a team building away day?

Answer: Activities can range from outdoor challenges like CSI and obstacle courses to indoor workshops on communication and problem-solving. Examples include Lockbox, Escape rooms, Soapbox Speedway, In it to win it, and creative workshops.

Question: How should we choose the activities for our away day?

Answer: The choice should consider:

The team's interests and physical capabilities.

The intended outcomes of the away day.

The team's size.

Budget constraints.

The available facilities at the chosen location.

Question: How long should an away day last?

Answer: It varies based on the organisation's needs. Some may last a half-day, while others might extend over a weekend. A typical away day lasts a full day.

Question: Who should organise the away day?

Answer: While team leaders or HR personnel often take the initiative, it's always beneficial to involve a professional company that specialise in organising team building events.

Question: How can we measure the success of an away day?

Answer: Success can be gauged through:

Feedback surveys post-event.

Observing improved communication and collaboration amongst team members.

Assessing the achievement of the day's predetermined objectives.

Noting an increase in team morale upon returning to work.

Question: How often should we conduct team building away days?

Answer: While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, many organizations find value in conducting them annually or bi-annually. The frequency often depends on team needs, budget, and observed benefits.

Question: What challenges might we face during a team building away day?

Answer: Some potential challenges are:

Reluctance or resistance from team members.

Logistical issues like transportation or weather-related disruptions.

Activities that don’t resonate with everyone.

Unrealistic expectations.

Question: Can virtual teams have an "away day"?

Answer: Yes! Virtual team building activities are becoming increasingly popular. They may involve online games, collaborative projects, virtual escape rooms, or video conference workshops. While not a physical "away day," they aim to foster connection and collaboration in remote teams.

Remember, the ultimate goal of an away day is to strengthen the team. Choose activities and a structure that best align with your team's needs and dynamics.

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