Fast and Fun Activities BUILD YOUR CUSTOM EVENT

Give your event some oomph with high-energy conference breakers. These fast and fun activities get people off their seats, switching off smartphones and talking to each other. We've got everything from games and quizzes to team challenges. Get a group of delegates acquainted or a team of colleagues pepped up and raring to go.

Conference ice breakers are a great way to start a corporate event and tackle the post-lunch energy slump! Re-energise delegates halfway through the day and your afternoon activities will be as effective as the morning ones.

When it comes to bringing people together quickly, nothing does it quite like the beat of the drum. Rhythm Factory gets the whole room drumming, clapping, stamping and whistling a tribal beat in perfect harmony. It's an ingenious launchpad for a day of inspiring meetings and team building activities.

Circus skills make brilliant conference ice breakers.

We'll turn the room into a big top with a huge chest full of juggling balls, spinning plates and diabolos. Learn three classic circus skills and start the day with a "let's go for it!" attitude.

Everyone loves a good puzzle.

Sticks, Strings & Things take everyday objects and turn them into head-scratching puzzles for teams to solve. Sort shapes and create one big human slipknot before the whistle blows. These mini ice breakers are fast, funny and frustrating! They're also great for getting people to think on their feet.