Corporate Event Ideas

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The kind of thing that'll have everyone counting the sleeps until the big day? We've designed, planned and delivered thousands of corporate events since 1996.

Browse our outdoor activities, creative challenges, country sports, team building games, fun competitive team events and themed parties. Our portfolio is full off innovative activities and fabulous party themes. Only those that get us excited make the cut!

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Pick our brains for great event ideas. We can recommend activities or create a bespoke corporate event that includes everything from ice breakers to activities and entertainment.

We're brilliant at bringing people together through shared activities, amazing experiences and fun team challenges!

Original Team Building Events

Want to have a little competitive fun? Try Totally Wiped Out or the Original It's a Knockout. Do you have the skills to smash the ultimate team building tournament?

Glorious Food!

Nothing brings people together like a culinary challenge. Foodies can flex their creative cake making muscles with team building activities like Bake Off, Cake Crusade, Creative Canapes and Sushi Making. Who can create the most magically delicious food before the deadline?

Fabulous Themed Corporate Parties and Events

Do a classic party theme with a twist or wow guests with something completely different. Whisk everyone off to a 1920s speakeasy, take them to Vegas or evoke the magic and excitement of the Big Top with a circus evening. Everything from decor to drinks will be totally on theme.

That's just for starters! Contact us for more event ideas.

if you are still stuck for ideas, take a look at our top 20 events