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Team Away Days Activities & Ideas

team away days
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Team Away Days

Been given the task of arranging a team away day? Wondering where to start?

Team away day ideas we'll help you pinpoint your specific needs. Our team away days get people together in the UK and across Europe as well as staying in the office. We cater for groups large and small - from 4 to 400 and beyond!

We also have a great selection of Virtual Events that can fulfill any brief for your team away day. 

We listen to what you want, share ideas and put our planning expertise into practice. You get an away day tailored to achieve your desired outcome. Leave the planning and production to us. You sit back and enjoy the experience.

From residential retreats to bonding exercises, there are plenty of options to explore. All are designed with one purpose in mind - To keep teams effective and energised!!.

Why Go on a Corporate Team Away Day?

There's a lot to be said for a fresh environment and no interruptions. You'll achieve more on a team away day than you can possibly imagine. Plan a new project. Address sensitive issues. Create a company vision and mission statement that everyone understands. There are plenty of reasons to take a break from the office environment. Take time out to think, plan and discover what makes your colleagues tick.

Maybe you need to improve relationships. Perhaps you want to develop communication skills. Whether you want to work to a common goal or pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, we can help.

Why Choose Us?

With a professional facilitator on board, you get the best possible outcome. Your time is used effectively and everyone is free to participate fully. A well-planned and professionally run team away day pays dividends. We get everyone engaged and involved from beginning to end. We can help you:

  • Select a suitable venue
  • Design the content of a team away day
  • Run games and activities
  • Coordinate feedback and review sessions
  • Organise catering
  • Measure results from your team away day

Here are just some of the choices on the menu...

Activity Ideas for Team Away Days

From ice breakers to challenges and problem solving games, activities are an essential element. A team away day needs some structure to make it work. We can suggest indoor and outdoor games that serve all sorts of specific purposes.

Get the creative juices flowing and produce a box of bespoke chocolates with Sweet Success. Reinforce the importance of team building with a High Ropes Course.

Inexpensive Team Away Day Ideas

Getting the team together out of the office needn't blow your budget. There are plenty of inexpensive options that will fit the bill beautifully. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. From bridge and raft building to treasure hunts and table football. Budget activities don't compromise on quality.

Fun & Rewarding Team Away Day Ideas

These are brilliant if you want to encourage employee retention and motivation. They have a dual purpose. On one level, you're saying thank you for a job well done. On another, rewarding team away days encourage people to keep their efforts consistent.

Ask us about organising everything from Salsa sensation to wine tasting, cocktail making and treasure hunt. Fun team away day activities are our speciality. We'll pull out all the stops to make sure your team has a total blast!

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