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5 Unusual Team Building Activities

Try one or more of the unusual team building activities featured below if you're looking for an alternative to paintball, treasure hunts and cooking classes. More imaginative, memorable and enjoyable than trust games and cringeworthy round table confessions, these activities are designed to broaden horizons, challenge, educate and motivate.

Are team building activities a waste of time? Wouldn't the day be better spent in the office doing something productive, like actual work? Before you dismiss the idea of doing something different with the troops, ask yourself this:

What else can break down barriers, improve communication, develop time management, enhance problem solvingskills and bond a team...all in one day?

Try these for starters.

Great Escape

This event is based on the Steve McQueen movie. You know; the one that's on the telly without fail each and every Christmas. Your mission is to conquer military-style challenges and surprise team tasks in a bid for freedom. Props and 1940s costumes set the scene and get everyone into character.

Dragon Boat Racing

Over 2,000 years old, the Chinese tradition of dragon boat racing is a celebration of communities and the competitive spirit. Hit the water in decorative 30ft boats and paddle your way to victory! This one is all about good old-fashioned team work and elbow grease.

It's a Knockout

Ok, so I'm probably biased (we own the original costumes and inflatables from the BBC TV series) but this is the most fun you can have with team building. Once described as “the Olympics with custard pies” It's a Knockout is a team building tournament that involves giant costumes, inflatable obstacles, water and foam.

Gumboot Dancing

Used as a method of communication by South African gold mine workers, gumboot dancing is a language that involves everything from stomping, clapping and thigh slapping to singing and chanting. This works best with big groups. Gumboot dancers perform a routine and then teach it to the entire room.

Chocolate Company Launch

Culinary team building activities are always a winner. Chocolate Company Launch goes several steps further than your bog standard cooking class. In addition to making, decorating and packaging chocolates, teams are required to sell them to our panel of “investors” in Dragon's Den style.

What's your opinion of team building activities? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment boxes below.

Written by Catherine Alexander

27th Thursday June 2013