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Archery for Team Building

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archery for team building
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Archery - Activity Days

Archery team building will have you and the team feeling like champions. The Olympic sport of archery is always a winner on team building and away days. It takes skill, sound judgement, coordination and icy cool in the face of pressure to hit the target. Master the basics of this ancient country sport and unleash your inner Robin Hood.

Anyone can try archery, with beginners learning the basics and those with experience under their belts, sharpening their existing skills. When everyone's up to speed, the instructors will get a little target shooting competition going.

Round up your band of merry men and maids for team building, old school style!

Team Building Benefits:

Fun, challenging, exhilarating and really rewarding, archery has team building benefits aplenty.

Archery is an excellent way to:

  • Build confidence
  • Boost morale
  • Bond a team through shared experience
  • Manage resistance to change
  • Demonstrate the value of learning a new skill
  • Encourage competition

What's Involved?

Event Format

This team building activity starts with a safety briefing, after that, the instructors determine your dominant eye. Righties shoot with right-handed bows, lefties with left-handed bows.

Learn the 12 steps of the basic archery shot, it's not quite as simple as it looks on telly. Mastering the skill of archery brings with it a massive sense of satisfaction and achievement. The sense of achievement archery inspires is what makes it so good for team building and away days.

Assume the proper archery stance, nock the arrow, hold it light on the string with three fingers, raise the bow, draw, aim, release, move your hand back and watch the arrow whiz through the air and hit the target with a huge 'thwack'! The goal is to combine the 12 steps in one smooth continuous move and hopefully hit the bullseye into the bargain.

When everyone's up to speed it's time to get competitive. The instructors will split the group into teams for a competitive shootout. There's a bottle of bubbly in it for the winners.

All sessions include equipment hire and tuition.

Where Can I Try Archery?

We organise archery for team building days, away days and conferences in villages, towns and cities across the UK. We can source a venue for you or provide a session at the site of your choice.

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