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chuckle buggies
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Chuckle Buggies - Activity Days

Remember the wacky buggies from the classic children's TV show The Banana Splits? Now's your chance to re-live the magic and drive our version! Think army Argo Cat vehicles - only much smaller. Chuckle Buggies is a fun and rewarding team building activity with a competitive edge. Participants will attempt to drive these 6-wheeled mini wonders round our challenging course - with hilarious results!

If you're looking to spark the competitive spirit and get teams bonding in a fun and fresh environment, Chuckle Buggies will fit the bill.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Improve listening and communication skills
  • Bond a new team
  • Illustrate the importance of team work in organisations
  • Take teams out of their comfort zones
  • Demonstrate the value of team goal setting

What's Involved?

Following a welcome and briefing from our events coordinators, delegates will be shown how to operate the single-seater buggies. They're pretty fast off the mark and very responsive! Drivers will need to concentrate and pay close attention to their surroundings and use their skill, speed, and dexterity to full effect.

Working as individuals or in teams, delegates will make their way round our slalom course, taking care to avoid hitting the marker poles, which incurs penalty points.

If working in teams, delegates will compete in a fast and furious relay-style event.

The team/individual with the highest score at the end of the event wins.

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