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Falconry - Outdoor Events

An outstanding exercise in the fine art of communication! Falconry is a skill that's both challenging and incredibly rewarding. Teams will bond through sharing a truly unforgettable experience.

Delegates will get the golden opportunity to meet a range of rare birds including eagles, hawks, owls and falcons under the supervision of an expert falconer.

What's Involved?

Teams will get a fascinating insight into the ways in which the birds and their handler communicate.

There's more to falconry than watching and learning about these beautiful birds. Guests will also be offered the chance to handle and feed them. The falconer will place a small piece of meat on a glove worn by one delegate. A bird will then swoop down and perch on the guest's hand as he eats it.

Falconry works equally well as a team building event or as part of a conference program.

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