Human Table Football Team Building

Human Table Football - Activity DaysBUILD YOUR CUSTOM EVENT

What could be better suited to team building than a human version of the classic pub game? Our life-sized version swaps plastic players for real ones, all the magic happens on our special pitch, complete with inflatable sides!

How does it work?

Our events coordinators will welcome the group and put everyone into teams, all players have to do is play a game of football. However, they'll be attached to moving bars so it's a little more challenging than usual!

Expect big belly laughs and lots of fun as the teams join forces to move in the same direction whilst also dealing with defending and attacking.

Human Table Football is one our most flexible activity, it works well as a standalone event, as part of a multi-activity day, funday or corporate team building day.

What are the benefits of human table football activity?

Human Table Football helps team members:

  • Bond a new team quickly
  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills
  • Boost team morale