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Power Turns - Activity Days

Driving activities are perfectly suited to team building days. What could be more fun - or more challenging - than mastering the art of controlling our 2-seater, twin engine dragsters?

Find out who has the skills of Lewis Hamilton and who's more of a Maureen Rees behind the wheel!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Encourage competition in a non-threatening environment
  • Build trust in the workplace
  • Develop communication and collaboration skills

What's Involved?

It's not just driving skills that will be put to the test! Controlling power turns requires teamwork, a cool head and plenty of patience. Following a welcome and briefing, delegates pair up and the fun begins.

Our instructors will be on hand to show everyone how to operate the power turns but it's up to the driving duos to put the instructions into practice.

Power turns don't have steering wheels! They're controlled by careful manipulation of twin engine throttles; acceleration is super-fast and they're incredibly sensitive. It's very easy to spin out of control - hysterical for drivers and spectators alike.

Drivers and co-drivers will need to communicate in order to keep control of these mean machines and make it round our slalom course as fast as possible.

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