Quad Biking Activity Days for Team Building

Quad Bikes - Activity DaysBUILD YOUR CUSTOM EVENT

One of the all-time classic team building activities! There are few driving activities that match quad biking when it comes to having fun and being challenged in a fresh environment. Are you ready for the ultimate test of driving skill and agility?

Quad bikes require a cool head and total concentration to make a full success of the slalom course.

Absolute beginners are welcome; full instruction is included along with all necessary equipment.

Here's how it works...

On arrival, the group will be welcomed and fully briefed on safety aspects and the format of the event.

Delegates can compete as individuals or in teams in timed trials. The exact format depends upon the format of the day.

Each driver will be timed on the course and points will be allocated according to their achievements. There are penalty points for hitting our strategically placed poles so all drivers must be mindful of their surroundings.

What are the benefits of Quad Biking Activity Days?

Quad Bikes helps team members:

  • Manage resistance to change by teaching a new skill in an unfamiliar environment
  • Enhance listening, communication and collaboration skills


  • Encourage competition in a non-threatening environment
  • Boost morale and encourage staff retention