Rage Buggies

Rage Buggies - Activity DaysBUILD YOUR CUSTOM EVENT

Rage buggies are brilliant for team building. What better way to break down barriers and strengthen bonds than learning a new skill in a challenging environment? Get the adrenaline and competitive spirit pumping with our 4-wheeled wonders!

Best described as supercharged off-road karts, they handle brilliantly and have a great centre of balance. It takes skill, speed and concentration to master the art of driving rage buggies.

How does this team building event work?

On arrival, delegates will be welcomed and briefed by our events coordinators. Everything is included, from equipment to instruction. All you have to do is turn up and put the pedal to the metal in a series of fast and furious team building trials.

We've put together a series of driving challenges that will test chand driving skills to the max!

Although rage buggies are individually manned, all drivers will be part of a team and their performance will make a difference to the total team score.

It's a great way to illustrate the vital role of the individual in the workplace.

What are the benefits of this team building activity?

Rage Buggies help team members:

  • Manage resistance to change
  • Illustrate the importance of learning new skills in a fresh environment
  • Bond a new team


  • Boost morale in the workplace
  • Encourage competition in a fun environment