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Reverse Steer Driving

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reverse steer driving
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Reverse Steer Driving - Activity Days

Officially the most fun you can have with team building! Reverse steer driving is a teamwork challenge that's both hilarious and frustrating. Pair up and find out which driving duo has the communication skills to master the art of controlling our modified golf buggies. Delegates learn vital lessons in a fun, fresh environment.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Manage resistance to change
  • Illustrate the value of learning new skills in a fresh environment
  • Improve communication and collaboration skills
  • Break down barriers and banish preconceived notions
  • Boost morale in the workplace
  • Encourage competition in a fun environment

What's Involved?

How does reverse steer driving team building event work?

Following a welcome and briefing from our events coordinators, delegates will pair up and the fun begins!

Driving licences aren't required but a sense of humour is essential.

Our instructors will show everyone to their buggies and explain how they work - it all sounds beautifully simple on the surface. Steer left and the buggy will veer to the right and vice versa. However, drivers soon discover their sense of direction goes out the window when a deeply ingrained rule is reversed!

The duo to make it round our course fastest wins. Points will be deducted for hitting poles, so they'll need to have their wits intact and drive with care!

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