Segway Team Building Activities

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Ready for a completely different driving experience? Segway is an ingenious, fun and challenging team building activity that requires skill, balance, control and a sense of humour.

What is it?

Think of the Segway as the 21st century version of the Roman chariot!

These 2-wheeled wonders use battery power and pioneering balancing and sensory technology instead of conventional mechanical controls. They're self-balancing, incredibly responsive and maneouvrable.

Each Segway works in harmony with the rider. Propulsion, energy, sensing technology and a simple user interface fuel these green machines.

Take the Segway Team Building Challenge!

We've crafted a Segway team building challenge with a competitive edge. On arrival, our event coordinators will split everyone into teams and demonstrate how to operate the Segways. After a practice session it's time for battle to commence!

Each team member must traverse a challenging course featuring twists, turns, humps, bumps and obstacles.

The aim is to complete the course with as few penalty points as possible. Ask us about including a prize for the winning team and raise the stakes!

What are the benefits of this team building activity?

  • Bonding a team
  • Encouraging competition
  • Motivating and/or rewarding employees


  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Managing resistance to change
  • Illustrating the value of good team work