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AirIT 2023

airit 2023
Christmas Activities

Client: AirIT

Event: Taskmaster

Date: 9th September 2023

Number of Participants:  250


AirIT is a long-standing customer at Off Limits. However, as we have completed two very successful team building away day events in the previous years for AirIT we had a new challenge on our hands to think of something even more creative and innovative for the team. Throughout this case study we will talk you through each step of the way and how we ensured that after continuous years of working with AirIT our creative ideas and delivering an exceptional team building day is priority. As always with every client we begin by getting to know what the key objectives are for the team away day and all logistics the team need to know to be able to take them away and create an unforgettable team building day.


For Off Limits to create the perfect day for the whole team at AirIT we need to ensure we have a clear understanding of the brief and exactly what AirIT are looking to take away from their team away day.  So, first things first for the Off Limits team is to find out exactly what AirIT are looking for and what all their specific objectives for the day are.  Therefore, after discussions with the AirIT team the main objectives for the day were for everyone to have fun, all the teams meet each other as this was the one day a year that everyone came together. A long with this, 2023 was the first year that AirIT wanted to bring the indoor and outdoor events together to ensure that there was something for everyone to get involved in.

With all these aspects in mind we needed to ensure that the final event chosen can successfully hit all the objectives for the team away day. This is when we put forward a bespoke Taskmaster. Having a taskmaster themed day ensured all objectives would be hit throughout the event but also kept the day fun and active from start to finish. We decided to have some of the tasks indoors and some of the larger, exciting tasks outdoor to ensure we had the indoor/outdoor feel that AirIT specifically wanted for their day. Deciding on taskmaster for AirITs annual team building day ensured everyone was happy. A long with this, 2023 was the first year that AirIT decided for us to do the venue find for them. With this in mind, and all objectives the chosen venue was Wyboston Lakes. This venue suited the outdoor/indoor aspect of the day and was perfect to ensure all at AirIT had an outstanding time on their team building away day.

On the day

Once the big day rolled around all the Off Limits team were prepared and ready to provide an outstanding team building day at Wyboston lakes for AirIT. The team began to set up all the indoor and outdoor activities ready for the arrival of AirIT. Once we had everything set up and the team building day was in full swing, we ensured that everyone was split into teams of 5 so that this gave everyone a chance to meet and get to know new people within the company and have fun together. Once everyone was in their teams, everyone was ready to begin to complete as many tasks as possible to hopefully gain the most points to crown themselves the winners.  We had a wide variety of inside activities mixed with some fabulous outdoor activities. This helped ensure that there was something for everyone to get involved in.

Indoor activities consisted of face painting, in it 2 win It, Airhead, Plane Jane, Rhyme Time and many more. Having tasks inside ensured teams were able to come inside and take a break from the boiling hot weather whilst still racing against the clock to rack up the most points. All these outstanding activities worked a long side the outdoor activities such as Rodeo Bull, Reverse Steer, Axe throwing, Archery, Segways, Test your strength and many more. Having the outdoor challenges, along with the indoor challenges gave people a chance to take part in even bigger, challenging activities to add to their points.

After a successful day of completing as many challenges as possible all the AirIT team began to get ready and prepare themselves for an evening filled with salsa dancing, caricaturist, games, drinks and taskmaster awards. The AirIT 2023 Annual team away day was a huge success with the whole team feeling engaged and accomplished with their efforts throughout the day with their team. If you would like to see how truly successful AirFest 2023 was, take a look at the video below.

Thank you AirIT, we look forward to seeing you next year for AirFest 2024! 

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Written by Nellie Gethins

11th Wednesday October 2023

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