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BOBST case study

bobst case study
Christmas Activities

Bobst wanted something exciting, memorable and meaningful to mark their 125th anniversary. We gave them a bespoke action-packed event that included a creative challenge against the clock and a lively afternoon of fun team games at their offices in Manchester.

The Brief

Bobst are the leader in their field and have offices around the world. To mark their 125th anniversary, all offices were having a day of celebration.  The Manchester office wanted a hands-on team building activity for the morning and a more relaxed, fun and rewarding afternoon.

The Big Event

The Picasso Picture Show was the perfect fit for the morning as they would come away with bespoke images to commemorate their big anniversary. The challenge was for each team to recreate a part of a picture from memory. As the group was so big, half of them did the Picasso picture and the other half recreated a bespoke image created for their 125th anniversary that featured the Bobst logo and company values. Only one person from each team could view their picture. They communicated what to paint to the rest of the team. The clock was ticking of course! When time was up, all the pieces were put together to create two masterpieces for their Manchester office.

The afternoon was great fun. Nothing brings people together and puts them in the party spirit quite like team games. We had lots of laughs playing Toppling Towers, and as you can image, Don't Pop the Balloon was a scream! Everyone loved Tortilla Head, our hilarious take on pancake tossing. Punch Your Lights Out was a big favourite. The aim of the game is to hit lights by throwing beanbags at them. Trickier than it sounds!

The Outcome

“Off Limits made our company's 125th anniversary celebration really special; everyone has been telling me how much they enjoyed the day and how much fun they had. The Picasso Picture Show was great and it was lovely to see the final canvas put together, and I think overall we didn't do too bad of a job! The team games in the afternoon were a great mix with something for everyone and really brought out people's competitive sides! The whole team was great from Chantelle, our Event Executive, to Brendan, Scott and the team on the day.  I would definitely recommend Off Limits to anyone looking for a fun, well organised event.”

Nicola Openshaw, BOBST, Marketing Executive.

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Written by Jenna Halford

13th Wednesday April 2016

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