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Graduate Challenge Case Study

graduate challenge case study
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On 23rd February Off Limits Event Professionals and Robinson College joined forces to roll out the exciting, new Graduate Challenge team building event. Delegates from across the UK descended onto Robinson College and took part in a mix of subject led team building activities during the event. The venue is full of educational nostalgia and the whole concept of the event was to take the delegates back to a time of collaborative fun and bonding.

The delegates started the day by receiving class timetables that included a wide mix of lessons from design technology to maths and sports science. Each lesson was carefully selected to promote engagement and generate positivity amongst delegates. The creative design technology class involved creating the fastest and most agile race cars with delegates, in the final round competing against each other in a series of competitions. For the mathematics class the delegates took part in a variety of logic puzzles, which was great for all the lateral thinkers. We also held a confidence boosting anthropology class, the ancient tribal Haka dance got delegates fired up and it helped unlock a deep sense of connection and bonding. The whole room of delegates were fired up and confidence began to rise as the delegates vocalised as a fearsome unit.

The lessons were designed to support student educational theories, to captivate delegates and provide connection. Individuals were able to turn the clock back to their old-school days and learn basic team bonding skills such as communication, time management, collaboration, creative thinking and planning. The fun and fascinating team-building challenge meant that a positive team spirit and atmosphere was achieved throughout. The Graduate Challenge is a core team building event designed for engagement and increased connection, which is good for company culture.

The Robinson College and Off Limits Event Professionals partnership ensured the new product was successfully launched in delivering an energised, activity packed afternoon to delegates.

Rose McDonald, Head of Sales at Robinson College commented: “Working with Off Limits was an easy and collaborative process. The extensive knowledge each individual holds for delivering fun, interactive but meaningful activities is exceptional and was reassuring throughout the event planning process. As we had developed a very specific event concept, Off Limits was tasked with addressing a tight brief – but this wasn't a problem. The team is fantastic and was able to suggest ideas to make the event truly memorable. The launch day ran smoothly with Off Limits facilitating the activities from start to finish. I look forward to working with the team again in the very near future!” If you're interested in taking part in the Graduate Challenge team building event, please contact our corporate team for more information.

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Written by Jenna Halford

16th Thursday March 2017

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