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Mapa Spontex UK Case Study

mapa spontex uk case study
Christmas Activities

Client: Mapa Spontex UK Ltd

Event: Picasso Picture Show

Date: 27th March 2019

Venue: The Fish Hotel

Number of delegates (or participants): 40 guests

About the Client:

Mapa Spontex approached Off Limits to plan their second bespoke team building event. Mapa Spontex are professionals in the cleaning industry, priding themselves on being the ‘champions of less effort’. They have over 80 years’ experience in creating products that make housework less time consuming and a bit more fun where possible. The name Spontex is an amalgamation of the words sponge and textile. From designing their very first cellulose sponge the company has grown from strength to strength becoming the nations number 1 branded manufacturer.

Brief & Objectives:

After having their first event with us back in 2017 we worked with Mapa Spontex again this year to create a team building event to suit. We spent some time figuring out which event would best suit their objectives. One of the objectives being that they wanted a fun team building event that involved everyone working towards the same end goal. Picasso Picture Show is a perfect event for this objective as each team works together to recreate a Picasso master piece. The canvas’s that are painted are then framed and the final masterpiece created by all is framed and sent to the client to keep in the office as a reminder of what they created together through pure team work.

What happened on the day:

Our events team hit the road in the morning and headed to the outstanding venue. They agreed an access time to set up and get everything ready for the event ahead by the scheduled time of 14:00. The team met the client for the beginning of the event and started with a brief explaining the logistics and the event itself. Our team are always there throughout the event to offer any assistance if needed and to keep up the true team building spirit and add to the energetic atmosphere.

Challenges and solutions:

Our corporate team made sure all correspondence was clear with the client and were always on hand to talk whenever the client needed them, running up to and post event. We spoke about various team building activities with the client that we thought matched their objectives and explained how they would benefit the team. On the day the client arrived 40 minutes after the arranged start time, but we always have back-up plans to ensure the event can still be delivered in the time frame available. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the event, getting involved the best they can. The proof is in the pudding as they say, in the testimonial video below:


“Thank you so much.
We all had a fantastic time thank you and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event.  It was brilliant – we can’t wait to receive our canvases.”

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

27th Wednesday March 2019

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