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Max Spielmann Case Study

max spielmann case study
Christmas Activities

Max Spielmann approached Off Limits Event Professionals to plan a bespoke team building experience at a venue in Manchester. Client Max Spielmann are passionate about photography, from online digital photo printing and film developing to personalised gifts. The brand are the UK's most experienced photo printing specialists.


Max Spielmann pride themselves for their excellence, the brands company culture is unique and focus on their employees driving the business forward as they're the ones serving customers. The client wanted to encourage plenty of interaction, creative thinking and plenty of fun into their team building event. They continually book team building events with Off Limits Event Professionals each year and wanted an engaging event that was uplifting and boosted employee morale. The client previously booked three outdoor team building events that challenged, boosted and motivated their employees. They were keen to book an indoor team building event this year as a change from their previous outdoor activity experiences. The event needed to accommodate for 40 delegates and slot into the indoor space at the Premier Suite and Lounge in Manchester.

The Big Event

Their employee event took place on the 10th October with delegates arriving at the venue for 11am. The British Baking Challenge was inspired by Britain's love of baking, the activities were about more than whipping up cakes, pies and scones. Teams from Max Spielmann faced the task of creating a grand finale cake and cupcakes that were good enough to impress any judge. Delegates used utensils and ingredients supplied on the day to get creative with their creations. Each afternoon tea was beautifully presented and points were awarded for creative flair. The client event was an all-round success and ticked all the boxes. It enhanced communication skills, boosted morale and encouraged employees to bond on a deeper level. The client places great emphasis on their annual event due to increased employee loyalty, improved productivity and a better bottom line. The positive outcome is the reason the client continually books their annual employee event with us varying their chosen activities each time. The client is enriched by their team building experience post event but the challenge is to ensure a solid follow up is maintained. Another challenge is to ensure each annual team building event teaches fresh skills and provides differing experiences.


Client Max Spielmann commented on the team building event “Today is all about getting together in a team building environment where we can have lots of fun and plenty of laughs. We're all very competitive and it's been excellent for morale, especially as we have mixed up the teams so people who don't usually work together are now bonding. We've used Off Limits Events many times, we usually book outdoor activities and these have been excellent but we decided to do an indoor event for a change. I asked for inspiration from the team and the British Baking Challenge was a winner. We got ourselves covered in chocolate and cream, it was excellent and you can tell team building is always effective. Plus, it's always nice to bring the team together as we're all based at different locations across the country”

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Written by Jenna Halford

24th Tuesday October 2017

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