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Network Emea Case Study

network emea case study
Christmas Activities

Client: Network EMEA

Event: Totally Wiped Out 

Date: Friday 7th June 2019

Venue: Taffs Well Rugby Club 

Number of delegates (or participants): 35


This is the 4th year Network EMEA have done Team Building, the previous three years have been more “Outward Bound” style involving hiking/biking/canoeing in the Brecon Beacons so this year they wanted to do something “different”. This is also the first year The People Network have joined us. 

Network EMEA (based in Cardiff) and The People Network (TPN for short, based in Swindon) are now under the same company reporting lines, although the majority of staff have not met each other. The management teams from both businesses have been working together for the last six months, but this is an ideal time for the staff of both businesses to be introduced. 

The teams will be mixed, mixed sex and mixed between the offices, so Swindon & Cardiff staff mixed in together. The Blue team will consist mostly of managers, the Red Team mostly of our Senior staff, the Green team mostly of mid-level experience and the Yellow Team mostly of staff that have been with either business for less than a year. 

Team Building has always been a centre piece in their social events calendar and they feel a Team Building day brings enormous benefit along with natural team collaboration, but also the positivity of getting out of the office and socialising together along with creating memories and stories of the past, which the staff embed in to their culture and history. 

The primary reason for this event is to have a fun and create a day to be remembered and talked about, like other previous Team Building Events. The second reason is to bring the two businesses staff together for the first time. The third reason would be the benefits you naturally expect to come out of this type of event. 

Company Objectives: 

Network EMEA & TPN are both IT recruitment businesses and the vast majority of people attending the event are classed as “Sales People”. They work in a competitive, high paced, energetic environment and are based on commission. This can be very rewarding and very stressful – sometimes even at the same time. They class their staff as fairly loud and engaging, although they suspect some will be stand offish and cautious to begin with. It shouldn’t take much to get them going! 

The client did not have any special requests, no theme or particular needs, but we were told to feel free to ramp up the competitive nature of the day. Working in a competitive sales environment already, the more competitive and controlled chaos we could create is likely to appeal the most, rather than quiet and controlled.

How many events have they done with us? 

New clients – first team building event with us. 

Challenges and solutions prior to event: 

No challenges really, they already had a suitable venue in place. They rang to enquire about having It’s a Knockout & Totally Wiped Out in one day. We sent the proposal over to the client and on the same day they confirmed they wanted to go ahead with the 2 events.

On the day:

Unfortunately, the Great British weather did not hold out and decided to open its heavens with a down pour of rain and wind. Despite the weather the client got involved in every game, ignored the rain and had a fantastic event. If you are prepared to have fun, then the weather is no obstacle to us or the client. It’s a Knockout and Totally Wiped Out happened on the same day, our event staff had a quick turnaround of events whilst the client was in having lunch. Overall, it was a great day from our prospective and we’re glad we delivered an event that met the clients brief and objectives. They certainly have made memories they will not forget. 

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Written by Julian

30th Tuesday July 2019

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