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Scape Group Case Study

scape group case study
Christmas Activities

Scape Group asked us for exciting team building activities for a wide range of ages and abilities. We suggested a few ideas, discovered what sparked their enthusiasm, and then came up with a day full of team challenges that involved everything from solving puzzles and clues against the clock to building and launching their very own catapult!

The Brief

The event planner at Scape actually did a multi-activity day with us 10 years ago when she was working at another company, and remembered it well. They'd done outdoor team building activities like archery, and drove our Chuckle Buggies. This time round she wanted team building activities suitable for a wider range of people. They'd done a cannon building activity with another team building and events company last year but found it dull.

The Big Event

Scape Group is a public sector organization that specialises in built environment solutions. They help clients to improve their built environment using a combination of strategic asset management, innovative design and architecture. Their services are designed to provide value for money, reduce impact on the environment, and stimulate the growth of local communities.

Scape Group aren't daunted by difficult projects so we wanted to give them a series of fun and fascinating team building challenges and activities that would really get them thinking.

Crystal Amazed instantly sprung to mind as the best team building event for Scape Group's brief. Inspired by the cult Channel 4 TV series, our version asks teams to complete a whole host of challenges featuring everything from puzzles, riddles and cryptic clues to clever contraptions inspired by ancient civilisations, the medieval period and modern science. Just like on the show, teams complete challenges to earn crystals that buy them valuable seconds inside the crystal dome, where they must collect as many golden tickets as possible and avoid the silver ones. The team with the most points at the end wins the event.

We selected six Crystal Amazed challenges for their team building event.

Gone Fishing – hook all the pieces of the puzzle and make sense of the message in the captain's log.

Message in a Bottle – work out how to extract the secret chests using only buckets and water, and find the priceless treasure!

Pyramids of Pharaoh – move the pyramid to its new home, one block at a time, without stacking big blocks on top of small ones.

Secrets of the Aztecs – find out how to work the contraption that frees the crystals before the sands of time run out.

Spy Tank – use the spy drone to find essential clues in a futuristic setting that doesn't obey the laws of physics!

Storm the Castle – build your own catapult using only the equipment provided, take the fort and find the crystals.

The Outcome/Testimonial

“The event was fantastic, everything ran really smoothly, was well organised, and I've had great feedback from the whole team who all had an amazing afternoon.

Could you please pass on my thanks to the team, who were all great!”

Rachel Rose, Scape Group.

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Written by Jenna Halford

10th Tuesday May 2016

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