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Christmas Crafts Fun

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christmas crafts fun
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Christmas Crafts Fun - Christmas Parties

Take part in some festive fun set to spread the Christmas joy. All of your Christmassy creations can be taken home to savour across the nation's favourite holidays or be gifted to your loved ones.

Guests will be given a series of briefings and short demonstrations on an array of seasonal craft ideas. From baubles for the tree to cards you can send with greetings, there are plenty of decorative crafts to create or you can opt for a more practical option, such as a personalised gift box to wrap your well thought out presents in.

What's Involved?

In this informal event, your peers will be given the chance to get creative and make the items of choice using the materials provided. Will they choose a decorative garland for the fireplace or a stocking fit for purpose at this much loved time of year? Perhaps a snow globe would be their preference, with a magical twist?

Don't forget, if you're planning to have an Office Christmas Party, your decorations could always be that extra special something to make your party pop to spread the Christmas cheer!


We recommend 2.5 - 3 hours for this activity.

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