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Christmas Cupcake Decorating

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christmas cupcake decorating
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Christmas Cupcake Decorating - Christmas Parties

Christmas Cupcake Decorating is a chance to have some competitive fun with the addictive art of cupcake decoration. Delegates begin the day with a swift lesson in the basics of decorating stylish cupcakes. They are then split into teams and challenged to design their own cupcakes with the equipment and materials provided.

What's Involved?

There's a deadline to this delightfully creative task and teams return to display their creations at the end of the session. With a Christmas twist to this popular Teambuild, teams must make sure they get in the festive spirit! One complete, a winning team can be announced.

Teambuilding skills are required for this unique activity; each team will have to make decisions as a group, split tasks to create the set of cupcakes and work against time constraints.

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