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Christmas Pop Promo

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christmas pop promo
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Christmas Pop Promo - Christmas Parties

Take a classic Christmas number one song and get into the groove as this activity allows you to pay homage to one of the most memorable Christmas music videos of all time, in our festive Pop Promo challenge! This team building activity unleashes the pop idol in everyone. We're talking devastating dance moves, lip-synching, sensational costumes - the full works with a seasonal spin.

What's Involved?

The challenge isn't simply to recreate a classic video. In this team building activity, creativity is key. The idea is to produce a unique interpretation of the original video. Points will be awarded for originality, performance, costumes and production.

We provide the props, costumes and cameras. You bring the talent and team work.

After the event briefing, the whole group is split into teams. Pick one of the below to recreate one of the following pop videos:

  • Slade–Merry Christmas
  • Wizard -I wish it could be Christmas everyday
  • Band Aid – Do they know it's Christmas
  • Wham – Last Christmas
  • Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you

Before they can get stuck into performance and production the teams need to decide who will do each role. Each team needs a lead singer, props manager, costumier, choreographer, cameraman and a musical director. Will they allocate roles wisely or will egos cause creative differences before the camera starts rolling?

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