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Reindeer Rush

Christmas Parties
reindeer rush
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Reindeer Rush - Christmas Parties

The Christmascountdown begins and your team must complete a series of challenges to helpspread Christmas cheer and speed the reindeers along. Can you put your best elfforward in each game? Do you have what it takes to beat the clock and helpSanta get the presents delivered before the boys and girls wake up?

What's Involved?

Each nail bitingchallenge gives players only 2 minutes to succeed. Looks can be deceiving!These tasks might seem easy, but team members will need the presence of mindand a steady hand to conquer them.

It's vital thatyou put your best team member forward to complete each challenge. Choosewisely! By utilising the strengths ofeach person in your team it's the only strategy for success, as Rudolph and cowait on your Christmas cheer to fuel their magical flight.


  • 1 hour event
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