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Santa's Sleighbox Derby

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santa's sleighbox derby
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Santa's Sleighbox Derby - Christmas Parties

It's Christmas Eve and Santa needs a new sleigh! Using only basic materials and tools, teams build sleighs from scratch and go bumper to bumper in a flurry of festive races. Will they all make it up Holly Hill? Which sleigh will win the Fairy Lights Burn-Off? All will be revealed when teams unveil their marvelous creations.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Improves communication
  • Develops problem solving abilities
  • Teaches the art of resourcefulness
  • Hones leadership and delegation skills
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Illustrates the importance of individual team member roles

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

There's more to it than simply following instructions. Decisions must be made, quickly and wisely. Who will work on the construction of the sleigh? Which member of the team has the creative streak needed to customise it? Who will represent your team in each race?

Each sleigh must pass an MOT to compete in the races.

After the MOTs it's time for the main event - the Sleigh Box Derby team trials! Your team will compete in four carefully designed challenges. Each race requires a different skillset.

How it Works?

Teams and their sleighs will be judged on various criteria. There will be a competition for the best festively dressed vehicle with bonus points for features like go-faster stripes and personalised plates.

After the event briefing, we'll split the group into teams and hand out sleigh box construction kits. Sleighs must be made using only the materials and tools inside the kits, plus plenty of elbow grease!

You don't need to be an engineering genius or a mechanic to enjoy Santa's Sleighbox Derby. All sleighs are human powered. Think simple design and very basic engineering, along with creative flair to make the sleighs look Christmassy enough for Kris Kringle! The aim is to get teams to be resourceful and creative when materials are limited and time is short.


The winning team will crack open a bottle of champagne, supplied by us. Medals will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams. We're happy to arrange an alternative prize if you'd prefer.


We have a huge venue portfolio and will happily source a suitable site for Sleigh Box Derby. If you'd rather find your own venue, please ensure there is adequate, convenient parking with direct access to the activity area.

This team building event requires a venue with outdoor space. An area of at least 30ft x 30ft is required for the grand finale.

Our team needs 2 hours to set up prior to the start of your event.


Santa's Sleighbox Derby will last approximately 3 hours

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