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Santa's Sweet Success Challenge

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Santa's Sweet Success Challenge - Christmas Parties

Make your own festive goodies with this truly scrumptious team challenge. Can you design, make, package, market and advertise an original selection of Christmas chocolates to tempt our judges? Think Quality Street and Roses - something that screams Christmas! Ingredients are limited and the clock is ticking. Which team will create something that looks, smells and tastes magical enough to pop under the Christmas tree?

Team Building Benefits:

  • Stimulates creativity
  • Encourages idea sharing
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Communication interaction
  • Collaboration
  • Motivation

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Using only the instructions, ingredients and equipment supplied by us, each team must produce their sweet treats and package them beautifully before the final whistle blows.

There's more to this team building activity than making and scoffing Christmas chocolates. Santa's Sweet Success requires creative talent and practical skill in equal measures. You could create the best Christmas confection since the Chocolate Orange, but that's no good if the numbers don't add up and the marketing doesn't make the chocolates look and sound as good as they taste.

Each team's marketing plan should outline how the chocolates will compete with other festive products. This should include information on target audience, pricing, promotion, profit and branding. They'll also be tasked with designing an advert to promote the chocolates.

Christmas chocolate creations are judged on quality, originality, taste, variety and profitability.

It's not just the chocolates that come under scrutiny. Each group will be judged on how well they worked as a team, their decision-making processes, their marketing plan and the effectiveness of their presentation.

Christmas chocolate creations are judged on quality, originality, taste, variety and profitability.


The winning team will crack open a bottle of champagne, supplied by us. We're happy to arrange an alternative prize if you'd prefer.

Venue Requirements

Please ensure there is adequate, convenient parking with direct access to the activity area.


We are more than happy to cater for any special dietary requirements or allergies. These must be stated at time of booking.


Santa's Sweet Success will last approximately 2 hours.