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Corporate Event Planning

When it comes to corporate event planning, we've got your back. From Sheffield to Stockholm, the whole of the UK and Europe is covered. Planning corporate events can seem like running a marathon in wellies. The good news is that it needn't be stressful. Whether you're organising a half or full day and evening event, we can help make it happen without a hitch.

What do we do?

From board meetings and activity days to casino nights and themed parties, nothing is off limits. If you've got an idea or a specific vision in mind, let us know. We can and do handle all sorts of unusual requests.

Modest budgets and big spenders are both welcome. The aim for both remains the same. To create a memorable event that works hard for your money. And gets genuine results. An event should be remembered for all the right reasons! Use our experienced and creative corporate event organisers to make yours a rip roaring success. We're happy to offer inspiration, advice and practical help. From initial phone call to post-event evaluation, we'll be with you every step of the way.

We do the hard work. You take the credit. It's that simple.

Our corporate event planning services can include:

  • Venue finding and liaison
  • Arranging activities
  • Supplying technical and service staff
  • Audio visual production
  • Staging, lighting and sound solutions
  • Arranging accommodation
  • Event logistics
  • Travel solutions
  • Evening entertainment

That's just for starters. The idea is simple. You let us know what you need. We put a plan together, source suppliers, equipment and put all the wheels in motion.

What do corporate event planners actually do?

Are you wondering if it's worth getting the professionals in?

It's the way forward if you want to be 100% sure no stone is left unturned. There's no substitute for experience and knowledge. Our corporate event planners have handled a huge range of occasions. They know how to get a job done in time and on budget. Where to go to source all the equipment you need. Plus how to use creative touches to titanic effect. It's all about smooth coordination, creativity and good old-fashioned preparation. A corporate event planner will take care of:

  • Source everything you need
  • Ensure every last detail is attended to
  • Listen to your ideas and offer suggestions
  • Communicate with you at all times
  • Liaise with venue staff
  • Manage your budget

Planning corporate events involves finely tuned logistics. The nuts and bolts of getting everything to come together beautifully. This is the vital part of any really successful event, no matter how humble or grand. Have you thought about transportation? What about signage? There's also security, parking and stewarding to sort out.

Catering Solutions...

An army can't march on an empty stomach! Nor can an event run on empty. Whether you want to impress clients or keep colleagues from keeling over, catering is key. We'll get busy finding caterers that suit your style and budget. We'll also take care of menu planning and organise tasting sessions.

Why use corporate event organisers? Easy. We handle all these hassles and more on your behalf.

Please call one of our event planning team on 01773 766 050 or Contact Us.

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