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Corporate Hospitality

Exactly what is corporate hospitality and why should you care? In short, it's all about developing new client relationships whilst maintaining existing ones. There's no substitute for the personal touch! However, it can be hard to please all of the people, all of the time. Corporate hospitality allows you to strike the right balance and develop your business.

Corporate hospitality is more than just a jolly!

It's about making clients feel valued, building trust and developing personal relationships. Take the time to find out what a client loves to do or whether there's an experience they've always wanted to enjoy.

If you fulfil that desire, they will feel valued and you will be remembered for all the right reasons. When it comes to contract renewal time or awarding a new project, your corporate hospitality event will work in your favour. Everyone's a winner!

Whether you have a specific idea in mind or are stuck for inspiration, our corporate hospitality team can help. They have brains bursting with ideas for activities and experiences that will impress and entertain clients.

Bespoke corporate hospitality events

Gone are the days when the corporate hospitality events meant a meal and a pint down the local pub! We offer a huge variety of corporate hospitality events to suit your style and budget. Not sure where to start? Below are a few of our favourites to give you an idea of what's on the menu.

Create your own Multi-Activity Day

These are great for allowing clients to enjoy a whole host of experiences. We find a selection of country pursuits always goes down well. Check out clay pigeon shooting, micro quads and Rage Buggies for starters.

Treat a client to an unforgettable Adrenaline Driving Day.

Bring the big boys' toys out and you can't fail to create a good impression. This is corporate hospitality at its most impressive. Whilst most adrenaline driving days only allow participants to drive one or two cars, ours features a selection of dream drives! From supercars to a 38-ton truck, your clients will get one hell of a ride!

Cocktail making and wine tasting

These are classic corporate hospitality events that always deliver the goods. Give clients the chance to master the art of mixing and shaking the long drinks we all know and love. Alternatively, opt for wine tasting and play team games whilst getting a taste of the good stuff!

Looking for fresh ideas? Call 01773 766 050 and chat to our corporate hospitality team about what you want to achieve. Alternatively, click here to Contact Us.

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