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Custom Corporate Events

Custom corporate events are what they say; if you have a request that may be unavailable on our web site or is completely out of the ordinary we will endeavour to make a custom event exceed all your expectations. We work on these custom corporate events very closely with our clients to build an event to match their imagination.

Whether you are team building or entertaining, or a combination of our more traditional events we will endeavour to complete the ultimate customised corporate event.

We have built many special custom events including

The Ultimate Paintball Challenge

Night time attack and defend. This custom corporate event was built at the request of one of our clients; the event was based in mid Wales on a summer's night. Following the 1.00AM briefing on the safety aspects of the event, we proceeded to perform the client aims and objectives of this actual event. The two teams were then taken to different areas of the site by marshals, advised whether they were attacking or defending.

From this point on silence was the order, only talk when in battle. If attacking seek the other team, plan the attack in silence and then execute with maximum effect. While these teams were in battle our marshals light up the sky with flares and explode pyrotechnics.

When the battles had finished back to the hotel to de-brief on performance, and then to the bar!!

Yacht Racing Round the Island

Forty-two people on seven yachts, arrived at their port of destination, split into teams and met their skippers. Then get moving on your yacht to the lunch time destination, while travelling learn how to sail, race and work as a close team.

Looking to the afternoons racing; after lunch altogether on the start point, racing to the pre determined destination - great fun, excellent team building and a once in lifetime event.

The above occasions are just an example of the custom corporate events we have built for our clients. If the event is possible we will make it happen, please call one of our custom event specialists for your individual consultation and quote.

Please call one of our event co-ordinators for a custom event proposal on 01773 766 050 or click here to Contact Us.

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