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Ale Tasting - Evening Events

Raise a glass with this perfectly brewed evening event! Discover a selection of England's best brews with ale tasting. Learn all about brewing styles, find out how to identify ales from different regions and get a nose for quality.

We'll put together a perfectly themed selection of fine beers for you to try. From porter to stout, blonde beer to ruby ale, our tasting boffins will make sure your evening event is well supplied with samples of the finest cask ales in the land.

What's Involved?

Learn fascinating facts about the world of brewer's yeast, hops, and barley. Find out why India Pale Ale isn't always bound for India, and why you should watch out if a beer has the word Imperial in its name! Ale tasting is both fascinating and satisfying to the palate.

Test your newfound knowledge with an ale quiz, designed to cause noggin scratching and friendly pub quiz rivalry between teams. Can you tell a Bath ale from a malty London beer? Now's the time to find out.

Fancy a whisky chaser? If you want an evening event with extra kick, we can add a quickfire whisky-themed quiz to the mix.

By the end of this evening event you'll be ale aficionados!

This event is now also run as an amazing Virtual Event, all ales will be sent direct to all participants and the event will take place over a virtual platform with full virtual tuition.  All the same fun and tastes to enjoy in your own home with virtual teams, and colleagues! 

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