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fire entertainers
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Fire Entertainers - Evening Events

Sparks will fly when you bring fire entertainers into the room! Perfect mood-setters, these athletic pyromaniacs are undoubtedly the biggest attention-grabbers we know.

What's Involved?

They'll leap, twirl and flip while they breathe and juggle fire. Book for a sensational opening to an awards ceremony or conference, use as part of a circus troupe for a themed event or have them as the heart-stopping finale to your evening.

The fire entertainers' amazing routine will get even the most jaded stakeholder cheering, as they perform a barnstorming dance complete with daredevil tricks and impossible pyrotechnics. Watch jaws drop at every table as the dancers toss balls of flame to each other, freestyle with levitating fire and create immense works of art with sparks and conflagrations! Your guests will be "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing like kids at a fireworks display.

The ideal solution for a themed event that absolutely, positively has to thrill every attendee in the room, fire entertainers will create an impression that lasts long after your evening has finished. Launch a product, open a new store, or just make everyone sit up and take notice. These guys know how to take branding to the next level - literally!

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