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With all the best bits from all the classics, why play one gameshow when you can play 4? The Gameshow of Gameshows is the best parts of the best gameshows on TV. 

Step up to the podium and represent your team as you take on the Blockbuster board, identify what Mr Chips is doing in Catchphrase, will your card be higher or lower and crack the Countdown Conundrum. 

All the games are easy to play and presented by our expert host. We bring all the tech including podiums and buzzers!  

Get your team together to take on the ultimate Gameshow event!  

What's Involved?


Can you work out what Mr Chips is up to? 


What B is an interactive trivia gameshow that everyone knows and  

loves? Blockbusters! 

Play Your Cards Right  

This one really is the luck of the cards! 

Countdown Conundrums  

We hope you have your wits about you for this one! 

How does it work?  

The Gameshow of Gameshows can be incorporated into your schedule to run alongside a conference or gala dinner.  

Alternatively, you can run The Gameshow of Gameshows as your sole event entertainment. When guests arrive, they will be split into their team, whether pre-assigned or randomised, and our host will proceed to explain how the game works and the fun begins! 

What do we need?  

The Gameshow of Gameshows is a visual show with screen content and buzzers for each team. We can bring everything we need, and we can even provide all the tech needed for your conferences or other activities that may be taking place at the same time. 

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